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Research, Public Policy and Information Center

The National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (NCNW) has traditionally collected, analyzed and provided information to move women into action on their own behalf around quality of life issues, such as minimum wage, teen pregnancy prevention, fair housing, elder care, voting rights and women's health. Building upon 70 years of leadership and service, NCNW is establishing the Research, Public Policy and Information Center (RPPI Center). The RPPI Center will be the premier catalyst to gather, initiate and disseminate information that will empower African American women and stimulate advocacy to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and communities. Despite the perception that women have made tremendous strides in America and progress in the areas of education and economic empowerment, still many African American women are at the bottom rung of the ladder.

Political and economic gains over the past 20 years are being restructured and dismantled. The hostile climate that we are witnessing in America today makes it imperative for African American women to come together to develop national strategies to support grass roots actions. The RPPI Center will be a driving force for informing, developing, implementing and evaluating an agenda that compels African American women to reach back, pull forward and forge ahead together.

Engaging Women in the
Fight Against HIV/AIDS



When analyzing research, issues related to African American women tend to get lost in the larger data sets. Our challenge is to:

  • Extract information specifically related to African American women to fill research gaps and translate scholarly works into social action plans.
  • Focus attention on the collection of secondary data related to major public policy issues in the areas of health, education and economic empowerment.
  • Develop powerful partnerships among researchers, scholars, women's centers and agencies that collect data on critical issues facing African American women.

Roundtable discussions, surveys and focus groups will be among the strategies used to involve African American women in setting the research agenda and the resulting action plans. Research training sessions will include an emphasis on the relationship between the collection and application of data and the development of public policy initiatives. The RPPI Center will advocate for funding of research on African American women and families on an equitable basis. One of the major research publications of the RPPI Center will be a report on the status of African American women.

Public Policy

The RPPI Center will generate, collect and analyze data that document public policy positions taken by NCNW. An important function of the RPPI Center will be to work in coalitions with organizations to analyze federal bills, legislation and policies to determine the impact on African American women.

Public hearings and issue forums will be conducted in targeted cities. Additionally, technical training will be provided on advocacy skills, coalition building, monitoring and evaluating social programs, and legislative processes.

The RPPI Center will produce and disseminate materials, i.e., reports, briefing papers, action guides, legislative alerts and updates, to assist national affiliates, sections, cooperating organizations and other community leaders in defining, influencing and monitoring public policy issues that affect African American women.


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