Get Out The Vote

There is a lot of information out there. NCNW would like for you to be informed, so have provided a synopsis of the top voting sites in the United States.

This website provides users with a countdown clock until election day, where they may also find their voter registration status and click a link to begin the voter registration process. In addition to registering to vote on election day, voters are offered the opportunity to register to vote through mail by absentee ballot. The website also provides an election reminder tool, where users can enter their email address, phone number, and physical address, to receive reminders about upcoming elections. . For users under the age of 18, the website offers the opportunity to pledge to vote when they are eligible to do so.. Voters may also find early voting locations, locate a ballot dropbox, and track their ballots.

This website allows users to not only register to vote but also find voter registration deadlines for their voting precinct. Users may also check their voter registration status and change party affiliations, which may be vital in voting during primary elections. The site also offers the ability to apply for and receive voter registration cards, which serve as a form of identification in all states and localities. Constituents already registered to vote will find voter identification requirements, and ways to locate their nearest polling place.

This website focuses on educating constituents on relevant ballot issues. It not only offers a tool to research the biographies of candidates, but it consolidates their political positions by analyzing voting records. In addition, this website provides users the opportunity to research the ratings of politicians from a selection of advocacy organizations for each ballot issue. Users may also read statements from their selected candidates to further their understanding of the candidate’s positions. Finally, users may find information about a candidate’s funding sources, with a detailed tool that lists each funder and the amount of their contribution.

This website allows users to track their closest voting location, check their voter registration status, and register to vote. It also answers frequently asked questions about voting such as “Where do I  find my closest polling location?”, and “Do I need an ID to vote”, based on the user’s location. Users may also find their closest drop box location to return their absentee ballots.