The 59th National Convention

The 59th National Convention was held virtually on September 24-27, 2020. (see Convention Highlights)

The National Convention is a legislative assembly that meets every two years to conduct its business according to the bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order. It is open to NCNW members, members of NCNW's affiliates organizations, and invited guests. 


  1. Review national and local issues.
  2. Determine NCNW's direction and goals.
  3. Review and approve amendments to the Bylaws.
  4. Review and approve the policies of NCNW.
  5. Elect national officers.

Voting Delegates are as follows:

  1. Each affiliate is entitled to have five (5) voting delegates with one (1) full vote each.
  2. Each section in good standing is entitled to have three (3) voting delegates with one (1)  full vote each.
  3. Every Life and Legacy Life Member may attend as a voting delegate with one full vote.
  4. Members, Associate Members, and friends attend as visiting attendees.

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