Health Equity Committee

NCNW, Inc. The Health Equity Committee is honored to announce the inaugural committee members. The Health Equity Committee, chaired by Sharah Denton with Committee Co-Chair, Dr. Angelia Elgin, focuses on five health targets.

Over 100 members across the country applied for the committee all of whom were well versed and experts in their field of health equity. The committee was developed to represent experts and professionals throughout the country and from various stages of life and experience. The Health Equity COVID Sub-Committee will work closely with the Good Health Wins initiative.

The committee has 5 health focus areas:
HIV/AIDS; Maternal Health; Breast Cancer; Mental Health; Affordable Health Care.

HEC Subcommittee of COVID-19 will work closely with the Good Health Wins.

For more information or to contact the committee, please email


  NCNW Health Equity Committee Announcement   (Click Here)



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