NCNW seeks to establish a more comprehensive, integrated response to the need for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education for communities of color.  In recognition of the fact that economic stability and career opportunities are enhanced by familiarity with STEAM, NCNW believes it is important to cooperatively plan for and implement measures that will provide greater awareness of STEAM careers and greater access to the paths to those careers.
We are committed to creating strategies to address and eliminate the barriers that artificially limit STEAM opportunities in the work place and in the classroom for many hard-working American families.
Although there are efforts to promote technological competence, there remains a significant digital divide that disproportionately affects blacks and women. Meanwhile, the national economy is hampered by an inadequate number of persons prepared to work in science-related occupations, including aviation.
NCNW has established partnerships with a variety of organizations committed to promoting interest in STEAM, access to STEAM education, awareness of careers in technology and equal opportunity in education, employment and business formation.
On January 16, 2017, NCNW sponsored a STEAM Hackathon in Greenville, SC for 150 1st-8th graders, which focused on robotics, coding and other aspects of technical literacy.