Why We Vote

Public Policy is the fourth prong of NCNW’s “Four for the Future” program agenda. Public policy is the combination of laws, court decisions and regulations that determine how government maintains order and addresses the needs of its citizens. Public policy is made by voters, through their elected representatives. Every aspect of our lives is touched by public policy. Something as commonplace as a stop sign has a particular meaning assigned to it by public policy. Something as complicated as health care is regulated by public policy. “One way to think about public policy is to understand it as the rules of society,” indicated Ms. Jones. “We want our members and the public to understand voting processes and procedures, as well as the importance of the vote in our everyday lives. NCNW sections are all encouraged to consult the webinar materials and other resources at www.ncnw.org and actively study the election process and issues in the states and counties where they reside.”