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COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Appeal

My Dear NCNW Family,

The horrific COVID-19 pandemic is the most devastating health crisis since the pandemic flu of 1918. And as you know, it disproportionately affects our communities. That is why on this Giving Tuesday, NCNW is issuing a call for us to “Pay some rent” to help some of our NCNW members who are suffering from the consequences of this pandemic. On this Giving Tuesday, I am asking you to do so by contributing to NCNW’s Emergency Relief Fund.
The NCNW Emergency Relief Fund is a vehicle for delivering assistance that expresses compassion. Understanding that those who need monetary assistance during this health care crisis will far outnumber whatever amount of money we are able to raise, this fund will be used to assist two categories of recipients: younger women who are without income and seasoned seniors who need support with activities of daily life. Many students will be hampered in their ability to return to college due to the likely unavailability of summer work. And many seniors will be challenged to stretch their fixed incomes throughout the month for necessities such as prescription co-pays and even food.
Please help us help others by donating to the NCNW COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Your contribution to NCNW is tax deductible, but more importantly, you can rest assured that it will benefit those most in need. Let us know if you would like to be publicly acknowledged as a contributor. You may contribute to the fund via Paypal, Credit Card, check or online at Working together, we have the power to help. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.



Johnnetta Betsch Cole, Ph.D.
Chair & 7th National President