Social Justice

Mission, Vision, & Values of the NCNW Social Justice Committee


The mission of the National NCNW Social Justice Committee is to provide a framework for local sections to promote civic engagement in our communities, and advance public policy that improves the conditions of women and families of African descent.

“What Does Social Justice Look Like To NCNW?” Presentation from 2022 National Convention. Download here


The vision of the National NCNW Social Justice Committee is to have all sections across the country actively involved in activities that address the primary pillars of social justice which include access to resources, equity, participation, diversity, and human rights. By engaging in these activities on the local and national level, the current racial and gender disparities in housing, education, health, career advancement, socioeconomic status, legal system outcomes, and political representation will become more equitable, inclusive, and just.


The values of the National NCNW Social Justice Committee are in alignment with the greater overall values of NCNW. Greater unity, partnership with similarly aligned organizations and communities, education, economic empowerment, spiritual development, positive cultural expression and tradition.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide a clear framework for NCNW to address national and local social justice issues.
  • Advise and collaborate with the Executive Board to drive actions and responses to social justice issues that impact our communities.
  • Partner with peer organizations and affiliates to address pressing concerns that negatively impact Black women and their families.
  • Be a visible and vocal force on the social and political landscape to ensure our voices are included in public policy decisions and the governing of communities, schools, housing, health, and systemic legal issues.
  • Engage in activities that promote economic empowerment, financial literacy, collective wealth and sustainability.
  • Assist in having all NCNW sections create a Social Justice Committee (SJC) with an effective plan of action to address social justice issues within their communities, and assist with the national agenda.

Protect Democracy Now!

The new Administration has already kept two important promises: to get shots into arms and checks into pocketbooks. Families that were on the brink of foreclosure or eviction have a little more breathing room. A mother of two small children can redeem the family car from a title pawn loan. Families who haven’t gathered for a year can do so in small groups now that they are fully vaccinated. Clearly, there was a plan in place from the very beginning to address these critical issues.

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